Tanker vessels


The engines are all still in a vehicle in working order when ordering becomes possible, To guarantee the condition of these import engines, Motor Imports has an agent witness the engines running and conducts a quick report. The import engines are separated from the vehicles overseas. When an engine is ordered for replacement purposes, the starter motor and alternator are removed from the motors. The Engine Mounts are more often than not cut so do not rely on getting these in good condition when ordering an import engine.

The exhaust flange will be cut a couple of inches down so it can be used if need be to attach to the original exhaust system. If the engine was a manual then the clutch is usually left on while if it was an auto, the torque converter stays with the transmission. So in quick summary an import engine will come complete less starter motor & alternator, with a manual a clutch is usually still attached (removed if no good), an auto does not come with a torque converter, the engine mounts are usually cut, and there will be a bit of exhaust flange to work with.