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Together, We Find Solutions

The Atheethi Import and Export FZE is one of the leading Sea vessel exporter and supplier that have been active in the import and export business for more than a decade The Company operates mainly in the export line of Sea vessels and heavy equipment’s and also in the machinery supply and in the agriculture products field.

Efficiency, punctuality and reliability are the guide lines to which our Company aspires, so as to offer a complete, service in order to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.

Atheethi Import and Export FZE is the right answer for your needs, our strength lies in coordinating and managing with care your needs We’ll provide you with professional and efficient service for your requirements. If you need further clarification, we’ll be happy to provide you extra details for services that can be offered.


Affordable Cost

Atheethi Import and Export FZE is one of the leading Sea vessel exporter and supplier Affordable Cost.


Quality Services

Atheethi Import and Export FZE is Quality Services


Our Quality Policy:

Our success depends on our clients, on other parties involved, on our ability to understand and satisfy their needs. Our purpose is to establish a Quality Management System that is appropriate for the type of services offered to our customers.

The Quality Management System of Atheethi Import and Export FZE is already in compliance with the statutory standard for the activities of exporting sea vessels and forwarding agency services.

The Quality Management is responsibility:

The Quality Management is responsibility of our Company as follows:

Comply with the applicable requirements and compliance obligations Assume the responsibility of QMS effectiveness Continuously improve the QMS and our competitiveness Continuously monitor and improve the knowledge of our customer’s requirements and, as consequence, improve our ability to satisfy their requirements Monitor our customer’s satisfaction as measure of effectiveness of our activities Our customer’s main requirements are: punctuality in customer service provision; conformity with standards and laws in force.

Our specific goals are:

Continuously improve our ability to know specific goals requested by customers and, as consequence, our ability to satisfy their request Develop our skills Our Quality Management System provide for the identification of suitable indicators, to determine specific goals for each purpose, in order to keep under control our ability to reach these purposes and to measure the management’s effectiveness. The Company’s Management defines purposes and specific goals, starts improvement initiatives, verifies the achievement of the purposes and the effectiveness of actions The Policy Quality in a dynamic document and, for this reason, it is reviewed at least once a year to ensure its continuing suitability.